OCTOPUSS is an European power trio of mind-blowing impact. The group's musical style, influenced by the sound of bands such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beatles, primarily consists of rock with an emphasis on funk, as well as elements from other genres such as punk rock, and psychedelic rock. When played live, the band incorporates some aspects of jam band due to the improvised nature of much of their performances, and is considered by fans and peers alike as one of the best underground live bands around.

The trio, originally called "Octopus", currently consists of founding members Reepo (vocals and guitar) and Garrincha (bass -former member of "Le Vibrazioni", one of Italy's most famous bands, with 3 records and more than 500.000 copies sold for Sony Italy, and now member of the X FACTOR Superband in the current italian edition of the successfull TV show airing on prime time), and drummer Rolando Cappanera.

Before having produced any records or signed a contract, Octopuss has performed at countless gigs at an array of venues and festivals all over Italy, and soon decided to bring their music across the Atlantic for a first self-produced U.S. tour, with outstanding feedback from each of their gigs; then back to Italy, the buzz around the band started to become international, and because of this they were invited to play some sets in London as well.

Meanwhile the band has been writing new songs, and the tightness and confidence at live shows have been increasing exponentially. To capture this positive band's flow, Octopuss decided to self-produce and film a live video included in the DVD called "OCTOPUS LIVE", which is sold at their concerts, mixed by Marco Trentacoste, who recently worked on Lacuna Coil's latest live film.

After having won the Italian edition of the Jack Daniel's Challenge for Rock TV Italy as "The Best Rock Band", the trio is invited to perform at the Global Music Event at Lynchburg, Tennessee, to represent the Italian rock scene in the U.S. Octopuss decided then to self-produce a second tour in The United States. They spent a significant amount of time in Los Angeles, where they played at some of the world's most famous music venues including The Viper Room and The Cat Club in Hollywood. Following the success of their LA gigs, the band began to capture the attention of music professionals around the city.

On 2009, they released their first self-titled EP. Included on the record were 3 studio tracks, 2 live songs and 3 videos, along with the music video for their first single entitled Desire, mixed by Marco Trentacoste. The video was put in rotation on national music networks (MTV, ALL MUSIC, ROCK TV). After the success of the album release and with the help of their booking agents, Barley Arts Promotions, Octopuss embarked in a series of gigs all around Italy, for two years. During these gigs, the band performed in an opening concert for the legendary Deep Purple, which took place on July 22nd 2010 at the Mirabello Stadium in Reggio Emilia, not to mention their involvement in the REZOPHONIC charity to raise money for the African Medical and Research Foundation, in which Garrincha is also personally involved.

After having added an "S" to end of their name, with the high profile contacts the band managed to acquired on previous US tours, Octopuss moved to Los Angeles to start recording their highly anticipated new album, which will be titled "A Nut For A Jar Of Tuna", produced and mixed by the famous British producer, Gary Miller (David Bowie, Simply Red, Slash & Fergie, Andrea Bocelli, Lionel Ritchie, Donna Summer, Girls Aloud, Cheyenne, Bananarama, Kylie Minogue and many others) with the collaboration of Eric Lynn, sound engineer, among the others, of Kid Rock's latest album and Metallica's "St. Anger". After the preproduction sessions with the producer Jim Wirt (Incubus), recording began at the legendary SHANGRI-LA Studios, Malibu, at the request of the owner Beej Chaney, (singer/guitarist of the Suburbs), who was both impressed and fascinated with the band's unique sound.

The increasing international appeal adopted by The Octopuss has seen them play also a joint tour with the UK band Hot Head Show (this trio was already chosen by Les Claypool to open for Pirmus in their last European tour), who's frontman Jordan Copeland is the son of the legendary drummer in The Police; on August of 2012, during the Olympics, the band is invited to London Town once again by the British film company "Focal Rhythm Production" to produce and film a huge and humorous "flashmob" event, shot in London Fields Park, and called "SHAKE IT OFF - THE OCTOPUS FLASHMOB EXPERIENCE"; in the last months the band has been playing live shows between Italy and UK.

Octopuss is now busy approaching international record labels to promote its music worldwide; the band just finished working on the music video for the song, "RUN RUN RUN". The song, along with the music video (available in two versions: web/TV), will anticipate the new album's official release.

...And more has to come!


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